Fatt Matt Show

Fatt Matt

Based in Australia for the past 25 years starting out as a comedy juggler and a unicyclist, Fatt Matt was trained by both Chinese and Russians in the art of acrobatics specializing in handbalancing and partner acrobatics. He has toured as a solo show and a duo show and with companies including Circus Oz and Acrobat from remote Australian communities to New York’s 42ND STREET.

Fatt Matt balances 3 eggs on a chopstick on his noseIn 1995 Matt started Lunar Circus with his acrobatic partner Zanette and complete with big top, buses, trucks and caravans toured with other highly talented and skilled entertainers and musicians. The Lunar Circus is wacky and wonderful and still to this day performers come from around the world to recreate the Lunar Show.Fatt Matt plays ukelele whilst standing on his head

Over recent years Fatt Matt has developed the “The Fatt Matt Show” using the skills and experience he has gained over the past 25 years.

Watch him play a ukelele whilst balancing on his head, balance three eggs upon a chopstick on his nose, execute a one armed handstand on top of a stack of sixteen glasses and even perform the incredibly dangerous and complex one fingered handstand!


Fatt Matt plunge on stack of 16 glasses