Lunar Circus Workshops for children

Circus activities are not only a fun way to fitness; they have been proven time and time again to enhance:
•    concentration
•    coordination
•    flexibility
•    self esteem

These factors lead to benefits in child development that few other activities can boast.

‘Captain Fatso’ has been trained under the keen tutelage of both the Chinese and the Russians.  He has taught kids and adults circus for the past 25 years, many of whom are now talented professionals within the industry.

Workshops can be tailored to your situation, be it in schools, holiday programs, sporting clubs, corporate team building or simply any event.

A typical workshop of 1 ½ hours will include:
•    warm up
•    flexibility
•    handstands
•    acrobatics
•    partner acrobatics
•    human pyramid building
•    juggling and manipulation

Workshops can be specialized if needed and also include a performance aspect to develop a show for students at the end of training.

Need a venue?

We can bring the ‘Pink Flamingo’ for the ultimate circus experience.

Pink Flamingo tent - a beautiful mini Big Top

Past Projects

Matt has primarily been based in Australia for the past 25 years where he has conducted training throughout schools, communities and remote aboriginal communities.

World Tour
Matt spent 12 months touring with his own ‘Lunar Circus’ overland through Asia performing and teaching to some of the most under-privileged kids in Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia, where they worked with the M’lop tapang organization turning local street kids into the stars of the show.

Matt has also performed and taught extensively in Vanuatu, a small country comprising 83 islands in the south Pacific. During this time he performed in remote villages on remote islands where never before had they seen the likes of circus.  He also worked with a group of village kids to develop a show performed at their annual independence day.  What a mind blowing experience!!

Professional  Schools
Matt has trained and was Director of “Education and Training” at the renowned ‘Flying Fruit Flying Circus’. He has taught at the National Institute of Circus (NICA) in Melbourne and has been a regular guest tutor at the Belfast Circus School.

Matt runs the ‘Lunar Circus Summer School’ and Western Australian Circus Festival from his home in Margaret River every January.  It’s a three week training project for hundreds of students with an array of circus abilities using some of the finest tutors from around the world and it culminates in a 3 day celebration of circus with shows from noon until midnight.  Come on over!

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